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People started farming from time immemorial. However, the quest for improvising techniques is still continuing. Agriculture and farming is threatened by a plethora of factors. A few of the most serious problems that jeopardize our farmers are drought and the pest problem. Although the present market offers a huge range of pesticides and fertilizers to combat these issues, these deadly chemicals further complicate the situation. Hence, the entire focus is shifting from the chemical framework to biological configuration. No wonder, the entire farming community has embraced organic farming whole heartedly. Organic farming is a system which avoids the use of synthetic products like fertilizers, pesticides, hormones.

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Best Platform for Farmers for achieve their dreams, through Chandana Agrotech. We assuring your success because we backed by expertise, we are considered as leading manufacturer of Organic Manure. Our products is widely appreciated for its purity, accurate composition, effectiveness and long shelf life.

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Nature has blessed man with a number of wonders. Of all, plants are found to be its best boon. Among them, neem is distinguished by their astonishing versatility. Neem is such a fascinating tree that no other tree probably has provided wide range of benefits to mankind. Even a team of modern geneticists, agronomists, chemists and dieticians could not have engineered such a miracle say ‘The Neem tree’. That’s why the Hindu mythology has remarked that this tree should have been designed by a celestial committee.. View Business Model

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Serving the framers with utmost satisfaction and value since 2015, Chandana Agrotech has been deemed as a prominently recognized manufacturer and supplier of Organic Manure. Conceptualized with an ethos to serve a huge clientèle our high-quality in the field of organic manure.

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